The missing link in warehouse automation
Automating warehouses through modular hardware and self-learning AI-based software.


OmniMod revolutionizes warehouse automation with its modular hardware and self-learning AI software. Our software includes observation through computer vision for tracking, and a sophisticated planning AI that optimizes the movement of each parcel, positioning OmniMod at the forefront of warehouse automation.
Our core hardware, the OmniModule, is a 1m x 1m platform comprising our patented OmniUnit. Multiple OmniUnits create an OmniModule, which, when combined, form the OmniSystem. This ensures scalable, tailored solutions for various logistical challenges.
At OmniMod, you have the chance to join an unique journey with the potential of becoming Norway's next unicorn.
OmniMod is on an exciting path of rapid growth. We emphasize fun at work, believing it boosts efficiency and commitment. Our management ensures every voice is heard, fostering an open dialogue within our small, agile team. Working with us means being at the cutting edge of technology for industrial automation, contributing to a unique product with vast potential. It's an adventure just beginning, and your role in this phase will stand out on your CV.
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Our mission
At OmniMod we are set to create the next big Norwegian adventure. We believe that logistics work best when it is uncomplicated and easily understood.
Who we are
Together we have gathered some of the most talented and hardworking technology enthusiasts out there. With a passion for problem-solving and creating innovative solutions our team are working hard to create a simpler and more efficient tomorrow. We belive that being given responsible and challenges while having fun is the magic formula to growth and development.
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As we scale, we offer a thrilling yet secure opportunity to contribute to a product in high demand. We seek individuals eager to challenge themselves, work under pressure, and directly impact our success.
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