OmniMod has moved into Technopolis
March 6, 2024
Anna Mjønerud Gjestvang
OmniMod has moved into new offices at Technopolis Fornebu
These offices fit us perfectly as we are pushing the acceleration button and scaling up.

The last year has been a journey for OmniMod and we have experienced enormous growth. In June we had grown out of our offices in Trondheim and decided to move into brand new offices at Technopolis Fornebu.

We are excited about the new offices in central Fornebu. These offices fit OmniMod perfectly as we seek to scale up and take our technology to new heights. At Technopolis Fornebu, OmniMod has the space to develop and test future systems in-house, and at the same time scale up the team.

“We need an office that has the space for equipment and the hardware we develop. It has been essential for us that we find a place in which we can develop, and at Technopolis these needs have been met – now and in the future,” says Tobias Drage Roti, CEO at OmniMod

Furthermore, Technopolis Fornebu hosts more than 100 other companies and 3000 employees, which has developed Technopolis into an ecosystem of competence and experience.

“We want to offer more than office spaces. A sense of community is inherent in the Technopolis DNA, and the people at OmniMod are an excellent addition to the professional environment here at Fornebu. They’re young, innovative and they dare to take risks. It will be exciting to follow their development further,” says Alf Kjærheim Astrup, CEO of Technopolis Oslo operations

OmniMod greatly appreciates working closely with many exciting businesses and sees this as beneficial for our future development.

“Fornebu is in many ways already a tech hub. We greatly appreciate working closely with many exciting new businesses that also work here. I think more ambitious start-ups from Trondheim as well as other innovation milieus will find their way to Fornebu in the coming years. There is also great potential that this can become a capital for innovation where more start-ups can bloom,” says Roti.

We will still have offices at Gründerbrakka in Trondheim in addition to our office at Technopolis Fornebu. This is because we see value in being close to the student community at Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU).

If you're ever in the area, please don't hesitate to come and say hello!