Element Logic invests in OmniMod
March 6, 2024
Tobias Drage Roti
The future of logistics is intelligent and modular.
OmniMod has closed a round of investment of 15 MNOK which makes it possible to take our technology to the market faster. We are proud to welcome our investor and collaboration partner Element Logic, a leading supplier of warehouse automation solutions.

Since the start in 2020 at NTNU, OmniMod has had rapid growth and is now a company with international ambitions. We have built a team of talented people, developed, and validated the main technical functionality and collaborated with central actors. One important collaboration was a partner project with Element Logic in 2021. During this project OmniMod tested the first autonomous parcel sorting prototype. The project and the collaboration were a great success and months later Element Logic joined OmniMod as a part owner.

"Element Logic is very impressed with OmniMod and their achievements in such a short time. The team's expertise in innovative concepts for package sorting and sequencing, and the utilization of AI, is very impressive and constitutes a significant competitive advantage over other automation players"

-Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO of Element Logic.

Element Logic is the leading supplier of warehouse automation solutions and the world's first and largest distributor of AutoStore. One of Element Logic's main focuses is to increase and optimize the product portfolio and automate larger parts of the value chain.

"Element Logic is an incredibly exciting company and has achieved success because of their employees and company culture. The people behind the company are skilled, reliable, and innovative, and therefore suitable investors to take our start-up to new heights. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and showing the rest of the world what we can achieve together", says Tobias Drage Roti, CEO of OmniMod.

The investment will be an important step towards bringing our technology to the market faster. It will make it possible to accelerate OmniMods product development and open collaboration doors with leading actors within the industry.