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A modular and intelligent system for effective and flexible parcel handling.

Automation is the future of logistics. We develop intelligent technology for effectivization and automation of logistic operations. By using multi-purpose hardware coupled with advanced software, we aim to modernize and optimize handling of parcels and goods.

Benefits of OmniMods technology


The modules can be assembled in different layouts and sizes, and the system can also be configured to do a variety of logistic tasks. Our solution can therefore be tailored to meet different actors' needs.


The solution moves objects with high accuracy and precision, without the need for manual work. Different tasks can be done simultaneously securing effectivization of several logistic operations.


The modularity allows for future extensions of an installed system. The solution can therefore grow together with a company and their need for logistic operations.

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The future of logistic

The world's shopping habits have changed and global  e-commerce is booming. The immense growth in online shopping has increased parcel volumes resulting in a corresponding need for effective logistic operations for large and small companies. This calls for faster, flexible, space-efficient, and accurate solutions for parcel handling. 


Automatisation and artificial intelligence have already been introduced to the logistic industry, allowing effectivization of logistic operations. However, we believe that this is only the beginning, modern technology can disrupt parcel handling and present innovative opportunities for all logistic actors.

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Modular Hardware

Our system is built on several small modules put together in a system. When the modules collaborate in a system, they can move objects in all directions and perform a variety of logistic tasks from simple sorting to more complex sequencing.


The modularity allows us to design systems with different layouts and sizes, making our system flexible and suitable for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the modularity makes future extension possible, allowing the solution to grow together with the users needs for logistic automation. We have tested and refined the modules to secure first class quality and make them durable and robust. However, if one module is damaged it can easily be replaced without the need for long downtime periods. Modularity therefore makes the system flexible, scalable and easy to maintain.


Intelligent software

The heart of OmniMods solution is the intelligent software. The software controls and combines the modular system. With instructions from the software the system can move multiple objects on the surface with high accuracy and precision.


The modules can be assembled in different configurations allowing for solving a variety of logistic tasks that can be done separately or simultaneously. One physical system can therefore be used to solve different logistic tasks, without the need for physical changes on the system. This makes the system space efficient, flexible and efficient.


"Very impressive"

“OmniMods expertise in innovative concepts for package sorting and sequencing, and their utilization of AI, is very impressive and constitutes a significant competitive advantage over other automation players”

— Dag-Adler Blakseth, administrerende direktør i Element Logic

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